Baltic-Finnish gas markets integration into EEX

EEX will integrate the Baltic-Finnish gas markets currently available at GET Baltic, part of EEX Group, into its platform in the course of 2025. With that, EEX extends gas offering to further markets and strengthen EEX as the central platform for European gas trading. The integration will allow for a closer link to the pan-European gas markets which are already available at EEX, including the possibility to trade spreads between these markets.

Markets Overview

Spot market: Within-Day and Day-Ahead products for Lithuania, Latvia-Estonia, and Finland

Derivatives market: Month, Quarter, Season and Year Futures for Lithuania, Latvia-Estonia, and Finland

Locational spreads between the most liquid European hubs and Lithuania, Latvia-Estonia, and Finnish markets


Natural Gas Indices

As part of the offering for the Baltic-Finnish markets, EEX will provide its well-established indices also for the new regions.

Find more about EEX natural gas indices here.



1. Webinars – starting Q1 2024

2. Onboarding – Q3 2024 – Q1 2025

3. EEX Gas product launch – Q1 2025

How to get access?

Trading participants which are not yet admitted to trading at EEX have to follow the Onboarding procedure as described here.

As all transactions concluded at EEX are cleared via the clearing house ECC, the admission comprises an admission at ECC as well. For that, there are two different options:

NCM membership for Gas – The NCM membership is based on a relationship with a Clearing Bank and enables the trading participant to trade on both spot and derivatives markets. Find more here on the ECC website.

DCP membership for Gas (subject to regulatory approval) – The DCP membership option is suited for companies interested in participating in spot markets (futures trading requires an NCM membership). This model enables a direct clearing relationship with ECC without involvement of a Clearing Bank. Collateral for all transactions has to be deposited in advance. Find more here on the ECC website.


2024-05 -08

GET Baltic webinar #2: Trading & Settlement


  • Exploring the Dynamics of Trading
  • Financial Settlement and Invoicing
  • Understanding the Trading Limits and Collateral requirements
  • Exploring Indices
  • Traders’ exam

Video of the webinar #2 is here.
Presentation slides will be available here.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at


GET Baltic Webinar #1 – Introduction, Admission & Access Models into EEX

– GET Baltic and EEX – Building markets together
– Setting the stage – Lifecycle of an exchange transaction & access to EEX
– Admission Process for GET Baltic Members
– Mapping out future actions for market participants

Video of the webinar #1 is here.
Presentation slides are available here.
More information.


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