Mission, vision and values

The company has formulated its mission, vision and strategic guidelines by assessing the expectations of identified stakeholders and ensuring that they are met. The Company’s main stakeholders are: customers (suppliers and consumers), the founder (shareholder), society and employees.


The Company has formulated its mission by defining long-term commitments to each stakeholder, thereby designating its key purpose and identity.

Mission – an empowering trading platform that fits the needs of the market participants.

Commitments to the stakeholders:

  • Customers (suppliers/consumers). To develop a trading platform driven by smart solutions and operating in a secure, transparent and liquid wholesale organized market place, and the related services.
  • Founder. To contribute to the development of the regional wholesale gas market by expanding an organised market place.
  • Society. To be a responsible party of the energy community adhering to the principles of sustainable business.
  • Each other. To build an open and progress-oriented team living up to the energy of the future.

To ensure that stakeholders’ expectations are met, priorities reflecting the vision were identified for each stakeholder.

Strategic priorities for:

  • Customers (suppliers/consumers). A customer centric organization with products creating new trading opportunities, smart IT solutions, guaranteed competitive price, sufficient supply, and trade on attractive terms and conditions.
  • Founder. An advanced regional gas exchange.
  • Society. A socially responsible company contributing to climate change impact mitigation.
  • Each other. A regionally recognised centre of excellence dealing with gas trading issues.

As the Company carries out its day-to-day operations and implements its strategic goals, it follows the following corporate values: professionalism, cooperation, and headway.

  • Professionalism – we strive for each employee in the group to be appreciated and able to grow as a professional in the relevant field. We understand the importance of expertise, know-how, and continuous learning for the performance of the group and business continuity.
  • Cooperation – we emphasize an open and constructive cooperation with each other, which enables us to achieve the goals in a coordinated way.
  • Headway – we are open to new business practices and ideas, which encourage us to create, renew, and implement meaningful changes leading us forward.

When defining the corporate values of GET Baltic, the focus was given on the importance that the values are well understood rather than merely declared by each employee at GET Baltic.

The corporate values have therefore been defined through the prism of understanding in response to the question “How do I behave when I follow the specific value?”.

Professionalism I
  • Do the job better than expected
  • Have no hidden intentions and do what I say
  • Deliver on my promises
Cooperation I
  • Speak my mind and respect the position of others
  • Communicate in a clear and understandable manner
  • Help others to achieve the result
Headway I
  • Look for innovative ideas and implement them
  • Demonstrate initiative and learn from mistakes
  • Consistently improve and share my skills
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E-mail: info@getbaltic.com

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