01 Request to grant the status of the Participant

02 Decision of UAB GET Baltic on granting the Participaint's status

03 Natural Gas Exchange Participant's contract

04 Data Reporting Service Agreement

Application to the Status of the Exchange Participant

A Request to grant the status of the Participant of the Exchange to be submitted to GET Baltic together with the following documents:

  • The extract of the entity’s main data issued by the Register of Legal Entities not earlier than 60 days before the date of submission of a request.
  • The copy of the contract with the natural gas transmission system operator, which is setting balancing conditions.
  • The form for selection of the tariff plan.
Decision on Granting the Participant’s Status

Once an application to grant the status of the Participant of the Natural Gas Exchange is received, GET Baltic will evaluate the information submitted and not later than within 5 (five) business days will adopt a reasoned decision on granting the Participant‘s status. Once the decision to grant the Participant’s Status is adopted, the draft Natural Gas Exchange Participant’s contract will be provided together with a notice regarding the decision to grant the Participant’s Status.

The Exchange Participant's Contract and Data Reporting Service Agreement

Once GET Baltic adopts a positive decision, the applicant will enter into the Natural Gas Exchange Participant‘s contract and the contract on data submission to the ACER Agency. In addition to this, not later than within 3 (three) business days after entering into the Participant‘s contract, the Participant will be registered with the Register of Participants and will be given data for logging in the e-trading system.

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