GET Baltic exchange participants has a possibility to trade natural gas products on Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian and Finland market areas.

Trade on the Exchange is carried out 24/7 every day in the short term products market and from 9:00 to 16:00 in the long term products market.

These products are traded on the exchange
Product Market area Units Quantity Minimum quantity step Price Minimum price step Trading with capacity
Within day LT, LV-EE, FI EUR/MWh ≥1 MWh 1 MWh €/MWh 0,01 €/MWh Yes
Day-ahead LT, LV-EE, FI EUR/MWh ≥1 MWh 1 MWh €/MWh 0,01 €/MWh Yes
Nearest day-ahead LT, LV-EE, FI EUR/MWh ≥1 MWh 1 MWh €/MWh 0,01 €/MWh No
Monthly LT, LV-EE, FI EUR/MWh 1 MWh €/MWh 0,01 €/MWh No
Phone: +370 5 236 0000

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