Operating policies

GET Baltic is a part of energy transmission and exchange group of companies – EPSO-G. EPSO-G holding has established the main operating policies and, in some cases, the specific rules applicable to the performance of member-companies of the group.



We invite you to get acquainted with applicable the following policies of UAB EPSO-G Group:

Corporate Governance Policy


Corruption Prevention Policy


Personal data protection Policy


Policy of the protection of sensitive information


Policy of management of the interests of the member and employees of the collegiate bodies


Accounting policy


Employee remuneration Policy


Employee Performance Assessment Policy


Dividend payment Policy


Policy for support granting


Risk Management Policy


Project management Policy


Integrated planning and monitoring policy


Transport Policy


Remuneration information of the year 2019:

2019 Q2 Remuneration information of the year 2019 QII
2019 Q1 Remuneration information of the year 2019 QI
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