Natural gas market operator UAB GET Baltic in order to inform all the natural gas market participants and other interested parties about trading on the natural gas Exchange has announced Report of Trade on Natural Gas Exchange for the first quarter of 2017. In Q1 2017 the turnover of natural gas was 15,275 MWh. During the comparable period Q1 2016 the turnover was 74,789 MWh. The total value of fulfilled transactions in Q1 2017 amounted to 282.97 thou EUR. In total 115 transactions were carried out on the Exchange. The most active month was January when participants entered in to transactions 69 times.

The weighted average price of fulfilled transactions in Q1 2017 was 18.53 EUR/MWh, which is only 0.07 higher compared to the Q1 2016 when the weighted average price was 18.46 EUR/MWh. The highest price of fulfilled transactions in the analysed period was 21.00 EUR/MWh executed on 7 and 12 of February, while the lowest price of fulfilled transactions was 16.9 EUR/MWh executed on 14 of January.

Until 7 of February fulfilled transactions prices fluctuated between 16.9 and 18.7 EUR/MWh but during 7 of February it reached 20 EUR/MWh and remained stable until the end of the analysed period.

The largest transaction was fullfiled in January when participant entered into transaction for 500 MWh of natural gas, the minimum volume of transaction executed on the Exchange was 1 MWh and such transactions were recorded every quarter of the month.

The volume of orders to buy placed on the Exchange in Q1 2017 was 617 GWh, while the number of orders submitted to sell was 286 GWh.

More detailed information is on theĀ Report of Trade on Natural Gas Exchange for the First Quarter of 2017.

The Reports of Trade on Natural Gas Exchange for other periods can be found on the web pageĀ

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