On 13 October UAB GET Baltic joined the Memorandum of Good Business Practice during the Adoption of the Euro. This Memorandum is the initiative in order to protect the interests of Lithuanian consumers during the euro adoption process and to ensure fair conversion of the goods and services price to euro. Various companies and organizations, associations and representatives of such companies, understanding the importance of social responsibility, have joined the Memorandum on a voluntary basis. To join the memorandum are invited various companies and organization, associations and representatives of such companies. All organizations joining the Memorandum commit to follow the principles established in the Memorandum:

  • fairness — do not use the introduction of the euro for price increase of goods and services;
  • responsibility — to provide recalculation of prices in compliance with the official currency exchange and the principles of mathematical rounding;
  • transparency — to indicate clear and unambiguous prices in two currencies (in litas and in euro) on trading and service places, as well as on places for advertising of the goods and services and avoid to confuse consumers;
  • helpfulness — to train employees, which serves customers, ensuring their ability within their competence to explain to customers the principles of price conversion of the goods and services .
  • sense of community — to motivate their partners and suppliers to join the Memorandum.

The list of organizations that have joined the Memorandum is publicly available on the website www.euras.lt.

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