Natural gas prices have stabilized while trading activity remained at a high level

In April 2021 GET Baltic Gas Exchange traded volume amounted to 558 GWh of natural gas. This is 29% less comparing month on month (March 2021 –787 GWh) but compared to the same period last year (April 2020 – 461 GWh), the turnover increased by 21%. 50% of all traded volume during April was purchased in Lithuanian market area, 20% – in Latvian-Estonian common market area and 29% – in Finland. All transactions executed for delivery in April were fulfilled in short-term products. A total of 47 participants actively submitted orders, all of them successfully concluded transactions.

During April, the prices of individual transactions fluctuated between 15.84 EUR/MWh and 21.60 EUR/MWh. In April, Baltic-Finnish Gas Spot Index (BGSI), which captures changes of gas prices on a daily market, value remained at the same level by reaching 18.29 EUR/MWh. This is 2% more comparing to March 2021 (18.29 EUR/MWh). Participants concluded transactions in Lithuanian market area paid the weighted average price of 18.30 EUR/MWh (↑1%), in Latvian-Estonian common market area – 18.82 EUR/MWh (↑4%), in Finnish market area – 19.17 EUR/MWh (↑3%).

More detailed information is on the Baltic-Finnish Gas Exchange Trading Report – April 2021.

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