UAB GET Baltic  informs that on the gas exchange during the months of January and February the trade turnover was more than 450 GWh of natural gas with a value of almost 12 million EUR. 785 deals were made during these first two months of 2015, while during the entire year of 2014 there were carried out 1.355 deals at all.  In January, on the gas exchange of GET Baltic trading turnover amounted to more than 340 GWh and 565 deals were fulfilled. The average amount of fulfilled deals was 602.52 MWh. The most active trading among participants happened during 5th and 7th gas days of January when every gas day more than 20 GWh was traded. The largest traded volume during a single natural gas day reached even 29.30 GWh (this natural gas day started at 7.00 a.m of 6 January and ended at 7.00 a.m. of 7 January). The average natural gas price for January was 27.03 EUR/MWh. Meanwhile, the highest price of fulfilled deal was – 28.90 EUR/MWh, while the lowest – 25.00 EUR/MWh.

In February, the trade turnover was over 110 GWh of natural gas and there were 220 deals fulfilled. The trade turnover decreased by 3 times in February compared with January; nevertheless the transactions have still been made for every natural gas day. In the first half of the month till 12 February the trade turnover per day was around 7 GWh of natural gas, but in the second part of the month, from 12 February the average amount traded decreased to 1 GWh of natural gas per day. The average price in February was lower by 9.25% compared with January and amounted to 24.74 EUR/MWh. The highest price of fulfilled deal was – 26.30 EUR/MWh, while the lowest price – 21.10 EUR/MWh.

Trading information is regularly published on the UAB GET Baltic website:, in the column Trading Information.

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