Start of an Application Procedure for Trading on the Secondary Capacity Trading Platform in Finland


The ability to obtain gas capacity rights is one of the essential elements for operations in the gas markets. The secondary market for gas capacity trading plays a vital role in helping market participants manage and shape capacity needs to meet their business requirements. The efficient use of capacity ensures that costs are reduced, and the level of capacity overbook or overrun is minimized.

Developing tailor made solutions for natural gas trading in the Baltic States and Finland, as of 1 December 2020 GET Baltic launches the dedicated platform for trading gas capacity on the secondary market in Finland – Secondary Capacity Trading Platform (SCTP).

GET Baltic invites Finnish market participants to start registration for membership on SCTP already now and to book a place on the platform from the beginning of its operation.

To become a member of the SCTP an applicant must:

  • Submit a Request to Grant the Status of the Member (download).
  • Submit an extract of the entity’s main data from the Trade Register (or corresponding foreign document if the enterprise is registered outside Finland) issued not earlier than 60 days before the date of submission of an application.
  • Submit the copy of the valid Framework Agreement with the natural gas transmission system operator.

After receipt of indicated documents, GET Baltic shall assess the adequacy of the documents and prepare Membership Agreement for signing of.

Individual consultations and training on trading on the SCTP shall be provided before the start of trading and agreed upon registration.

In addition, please consider subscribing to automated data exchange service, which enables receiving trading data from SCTP via API. SCTP data exchange service fee is on holiday until 2022.

Detailed information on Secondary Capacity Trading Platform, trading rules, principles and applicable fees can be found here:

GET Baltic specialists are ready to answer any questions that may arise and will assist with preparation of necessary documents.

More information:

Ieva Ciganė
Head of Trading and Product Development
Tel. +370 636 64354

Phone: +370 5 236 0000

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