Natural gas market operator UAB GET Baltic in order to inform all the natural gas market participants and other interested parties about trading on the natural gas Exchange has announced Report of Trade on Natural Gas Exchange of the fourth quarter of 2013. The most active trading was in fourth quarter of 2013, there was traded 97 per cent of total traded volume on the Exchange in 2013. The trade turnover of fourth quarter was 55.91 million m3 of natural gas with a value of more than 64.49 million LTL. The average price was 1153.57 LTL/thou. m3during this period.

In this quarter, there were 101 deals realized on the Exchange. The majority of deals were realized in December – 98 deals, while the remaining 3 deals were realized in October and in November. The total traded volume in October was 40.1 thou. m3 and in November was 40 thou. m3, while in December was all-time record volume, which was 55831 thou. m3. The lowest volume of the fulfilled deals was 100 m3, which has shown that smaller gas participants were trading also.

In December was seen not only the most active trading, but as well as the lowest price in 2013. The lowest price was 1101 LTL/thou. m3. In December, the average price on the Exchange was 1153.49 LTL/thou. m3, this was 152.06 LTL (or 11.65%) less than on January 2013 when the average price was 1305.55 LTL/thou. m3. The highest price of fulfilled deal in December was 1162 LTL/thou. m3, executed on 25-26 December, the lowest price of realized deal was 1101 LTL/thou. m3, executed on 10 December. The difference between the highest ant the lowest price in fulfilled deal of fourth quarter was 61 LTL. Meanwhile, in October the average price was 1208.05 LTL/thou. m3, in November it was 1210 LTL/thou. m3.

To review the trade on the Exchange since the beginning of 2013, the total traded volume was 57.58 million m3 with a value of more than 66.60 million LTL. There were 176 deals realized, the average price was 1156.39 LTL/thou. m3.

More detailed information is on the Report of Trade on Natural Gas Exchange of the fourth quarter of 2013.

The Report of Trade on Natural Gas Exchange of the fourth quarter of 2013 has been announced on the web page

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