Natural gas market operator UAB GET Baltic in order to inform all the natural gas market participants and other interested parties about trading on the natural gas Exchange has announced Report of Trade on Natural Gas Exchange of the first quarter of 2014. The trade turnover of first quarter of 2014 was 2,389 thou. m3 of natural gas with a value of more than 2.7 million LTL, it is 2,334 thou. m3 more than in first quarter 2013. The average price was 1,144.88 LTL/thou. m3 during first quarter of 2014, it is 160.67 LTL (12.31%) less when compared to the same period last year when average price was 1,305.55 Lt/thou. m3.

In first quarter of 2014, there were 35 deals realized on the exchange (5 deals realized in 1Q/2013), on this quarter all deals were realized in February. The lowest volume of the fulfilled deal was 10 thou. m3 and the highest volume was 250 thou. m3 in February. The average price in February was 1,144.88 LTL/thou. m3, the highest price of fulfilled deal was 1,160 LTL/thou. m3, executed on 12-14 and 16 and 18 of February and the lowest price of realized deal was 1,139 LTL/thou. m3, executed on 25-27 February. The difference between the highest and the lowest price of fulfilled deals in February was 21 LTL.

In first quarter of 2014 the total volume of submitted commissions to buy have grown by 89%, meanwhile the total volume of submitted commission to sell grown by 151%, compared to first quarter of 2013. It is likely that the increase in the numbers were influenced by almost 4 times growth of number of participants, who have comprehended, gotten used to this technology and adapted it to their business processes. The growth in number of participants is also expected in the future.

More detailed information is on the Report of Trade on Natural Gas Exchange of the first quarter of 2014.

The Report of Trade on Natural Gas Exchange of the first quarter of 2014 has been announced on the web page

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