Natural gas market operator UAB GET Baltic in order to inform all the natural gas market participants and other interested parties about trading on the natural gas Exchange has announced Report of Trade on Natural Gas Exchange for the third quarter of 2015.  The trade turnover for the third quarter was 26 GWh of natural gas with a value of more than 478 thou. EUR. The total amount of transactions carried out on the Exchange was 364 compared to 3Q of 2014 that is 335transactions more. It should be noted that transactions to buy or to sell gas have been concluded for each natural gas day for the third consecutive quarter.

The weighted average price of all the trades was 18.17 EUR/MWh in the third quarter of 2015, which is 9.89 EUR or 35.25% lower compared to the same period in 2014 when average price was 28.06 EUR/MWh. The highest price of fulfilled transaction was 19.44 EUR/MWh it was executed on 1 of July, while the lowest price of fulfilled transaction was 16.70 EUR/MWh which stood at the same level for two consecutive days from 24 to 25 of August. In September 2015, 1 percent fuel oil price was 216.81 USD/ton, compared to 553.59 USD/ton at the same period in 2014. The price for gasoil 0.1% (at the same time period) also decreased more than twice from 829.75 USD/ton in 2014 until 453.96 USD/ton in 2015. The negative impact on oil prices were influenced by the slowed growth of China’s economy and the OPEC countries’ policy for maintaining their market share. Taking into account the future prices it is predicted that oil product prices will remain stable in the following quarter. On the 30 September this year Euro and USD exchange rate was 1.1203 EUR/USD, compared to the end of the second quarter it was very similar (1.1189 EUR/USD).

The results on the Exchange were directly affected by lower demand for natural gas over the summer period. During the analysed period the natural gas demand matched the supply; the volume of submitted orders to buy was 125,665 MWh while the volume of submitted orders to sell was 125,690 MWh. In third quarter of 2015 the average volume of fulfilled transactions was 72.37 MWh. The lowest volume of a fulfilled transaction was 1 MWh and the highest volume of a fulfilled transaction was 450 MWh. For the comparison, at the heating season average volume of fulfilled transactions was 515.15 MWh (1Q/2015).

More detailed information is on the Report of Trade on Natural Gas Exchange for the Third Quarter of 2015.

The Reports of Trade on Natural Gas Exchange for other periods can be found on the web page

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