The new UAB GET Baltic (the Company) service fees plans for trading on the natural gas exchange were approved at the meeting of the National Commission for Energy Control and Prices held on 17 December 2015. Those service fees plans come into effect from 1 January 2016. Taking into consideration that the needs of exchange participants for trading on the natural gas exchange differ, UAB GET Baltic (the Company) decided to adopt two new service fees plans: i) plan No. 1 with an annual membership fee, which has a lower variable fee, for exchange participants who anticipate larger annual trading volumes and in this way aim to benefit from a lower floating trading fee; ii) plan No. 2 without annual membership fee, which has a higher variable fee, for all market players whose anticipated natural gas trading volumes are not so large or who do not regularly use the natural gas exchange instrument. In addition to this, plan No. 2 is useful for new market players who think about being registered with the natural gas exchange. Seeking to encourage registering as many exchange participants as possible, an initial registration fee will not be collected from 1 January 2016.

Please find below service fees plans applicable from 1 January 2016. 40% discount is granted for the annual membership fee of Plan No. 1 for 2016.

A fee structure featuring different pricing for different customer groups which is offered to exchange participants is also widely applied by other European natural gas and electricity exchanges. In this case both parties reap benefits: exchange participants who are vigorously involved in trading can use the plan with an annual membership fee, which has a lower variable fee, in this way boosting their benefits from increase of their trade volumes. At the same time GET Baltic is interested in arranging its business so that less active exchange participants, without incurring big costs, would be able to continue trading on the exchange by choosing the plan with a floating trading fee only. By introducing the plan without an annual membership fee we are encouraging new market players to register with the exchange and to use this gas trading instrument”, commented the newly introduced fees plans UAB GET Baltic CEO Giedre Kurme.

In accordance with the UAB GET Baltic’s Regulation of Trading on the Natural Gas Exchange, participants of the gas exchange have to choose one of two fee plans before 31 December 2015. Thereafter participants can replace their service fee plan once per year, while the newly chosen plan would come into effect from 1 January of the next year.

Please note that the Form for Selection of Service Fee Plan is published on UAB GET Baltic website:, in the section ‚Exchange Documents‘. The participants are invited to fill in, sign, and send this form to e-mail: before 31 December 2015.

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