Regional Gas Exchange GET Baltic considering the needs of wholesale gas market participants and constantly growing activity on the exchange, has launched new Baltic-Finnish Gas Spot Index for Day-ahead Product (BGSI-DA). Calculations and publication of the new index are effective since 1st May 2021.

The new index shall enable market participants to objectively evaluate current situation in the market and to monitor short-term natural gas price changes in the Baltics and Finland as common value as well as of each market area separately. The calculation of BGSI-DA reflects weighted average price of all day-ahead product buy and sell transactions executed in selected market area for the particular delivery day or month accordingly.

The daily values of BGSI-DA will be updated every 10 minutes while monthly values will be published on the first day of the month at 14:00 on GET Baltic website:

More detailed information related to the BGSI-DA can be found here: Specification-of-the-Baltic-Finnish-Gas-Spot-Index-for-Day-ahead-Product-(BGSI-DA)

GET Baltic operates as a licensed natural gas market operator with the status of Registered Reporting Mechanism provided by ACER. The Company administrates the electronic trading system for trading spot and forward natural gas products with physical delivery in the market areas located in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland. The development of tailor-made solutions for natural gas trading is intended to contribute to increased liquidity, competitiveness and transparency of wholesale gas markets in the Baltic States and Finland.

For further details please contact:
Ieva Rudinskait─Ś
Head of Trading and Customer Services
Phone: +370 682 07355

Phone: +370 5 236 0000

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