UAB GET Baltic announces that from 1st March of this year Giedrė Kurmė has been appointed as CEO of UAB GET Baltic. Giedrė Kurmė who has worked in the company from the beginning of the activity started to work as acting CEO since 1 November 2014. “The year 2014 was a successful period for UAB GET Baltic, during this year the number of participants and the trading volume increased more than twice. It is pleasure to track the growth of trading volumes and the overall development process of the natural gas market. The results are encouraging and show that the instrument of the natural gas exchange offered to market is necessary and brings benefits. The numbers speak for themselves – the natural gas volume traded on the exchange in 2014 accounted for over 4% of the total natural gas volume imported to Lithuania. What is more, the natural gas volume traded in Q2 and Q4 2014 formed even 7% of the total natural gas volume imported to Lithuania.

I would like to say Thank You to all market participants for their trust and cooperation. All together we have shown that the gas exchange is an important part of the natural gas market. I assure you that GET Baltic will continue to be reliable, open and professional partner for all natural gas market participants.“- said Giedrė Kurmė, CEO of GET Baltic by expressing her gratitude to market participants.

During the year 2014 the trade on the Exchange turnover was about 109 million m3 of natural gas, with a value of more than 30 million Euros (around 105 million Lt). The trade turnover increased by 90 percent compared to 2013. In 2014 a total of 1.355 transactions (deals) were realized, that is 7.6 times more than in 2013.

In 2014 GET Baltic entered into over 24 contracts with natural gas market players: gas suppliers and gas customers. The total number of gas market players registered on the Exchange is 47. These participants jointly consume over 95% of the total natural gas volume consumed in Lithuania.

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