GET Baltic is pleased to announce that after the end of trading session on 3 September 2019 the updated website will be launched.

By implementing innovative natural gas trading solutions, GET Baltic always strives to keep up with changing technologies and to create conditions for the users of the Company’s services to access relevant information in the most efficient and convenient way. The updated website features a cleaner and more attractive design, greater functionality: improved menu, easier navigation and search, structured, quicker and easier to find information. Clearer and more user-friendly content gives you easy access to data and information right from the homepage. GET Baltic updating the website focused on the needs of customers – the new website is tailored for mobile devices that lets you find the latest natural gas exchange trading data here and now.

The renewed GET Baltic website visitors will be able to find all the same usual GET Baltic market data: trading data, information on implicit capacity allocation, on AB Amber Grid balancing gas prices, as well as information on services provided, will be able to download relevant documents, login to electric trading system and other services platforms.

We are delighted with the new virtual GET Baltic home. For a transitional period you will be able to access the old page at

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please feel free to email us

More information:
Ieva Ciganė
Head of Trading and Product Development
Tel. +370 636 64354

Phone: +370 5 236 0000

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