On 27th December 2023, GET Baltic UMM Reporting Service will cease to exist. As a result, we gathered some practical considerations outlined below.

Closing and reopening of valid messages

It is recommended to close all published UMM messages that are valid beyond 27th December 2023 on the GET Baltic UMM platform and reopen them on the newly selected supplier’s platform as follows:

  1. Close the active messages at GET Baltic’s UMM platform by setting an ‘EndDate’.
  2. Re-open the same message on a new platform using the same date as ‘StartDate’.
  3. When closing and re-opening messages you can indicate the reason behind this action in the remark section

Historical data of the GET Baltic UMM platform

GET Baltic UMM platform historical data will be uploaded to EEX Transparency as an .xml file and will be available to download for any interested party.

Information update in CEREMP

Please consider updating your respective CEREMP entry to the service provider of your choice once you register with such service provider.

Need help?

Please note that clients who have registered on the EEX Transparency platform will receive more information on related changes and actions needed.

If you haven’t chosen an alternative reporting service yet, we recommend contacting our partners at EEX Transparency team who will launch reporting services for the Baltic and Finnish region as of 4th December 2023. In order to ensure a smooth transition from one platform to the other, we kindly ask you to get in touch as soon as possible. Any company from the Baltic and Finnish region that signs up for EEX Transparency Services in 2023 will benefit from preferential conditions in 2024. Start your application process now.

The EEX Transparency Services team will be happy to support you in this change. Please do not hesitate to contact the team directly for your setup.

Contact the EEX Transparency Team directly:

Direct booking (MS Teams Meeting)
Phone: +49 341 2156 233
E-mail: support@eex-transparency.com


Phone: +370 5 236 0000
E-mail: info@getbaltic.com

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