GET Baltic continuously monitors the changing needs of its customers, improves the functional characteristics of the systems, and expands the range of products and services offered. With due consideration of its customers’ needs, the Company is happy to announce the e-invoicing implementation. From now on GET Baltic has an ability to send e-invoices to its customers all around the Region.

E-invoicing is all about ease and transparency. It increases the efficiency in internal and external processes and decreases the chances of data misrepresentation every step of the way.

With this implementation, the GET Baltic aims to eliminate manual errors in invoice processing and reconciliation and hopes this solution would speed up invoices processing in customers accounting systems, as the Company understands that strict payment terms might be a challenge for wholesale gas market participants.

With the first step GET Baltic has chosen integration with the Finnish software company Basware. All customers, using Basware as an e-invoicing service provider have been contacted in order to ensure smooth invoicing procedures change.

With due consideration of the needs of the wholesale gas market participants GET Baltic is open for further implementation solutions and invites market participants who use other e-invoicing service providers to contact us to start a digital journey with the implementation of e-invoicing.

Please find pdf invitation here.

In case of questions please contact:

Julija Bėkiš
Trading Operations Manager
Phone: +370 618 87371

Phone: +370 5 236 0000

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