Regional Gas Exchange GET Baltic creating new opportunities for Finnish gas market participants on 1 December 2020 has launched a dedicated platform for trading capacity on the secondary market – the Secondary Capacity Trading Platform (SCTP).

Launching such a platform, GET Baltic took additional step towards further expansion of services and benefits provided to the energy market community. By facilitating transfer of capacity from one shipper to the other, provision of such service provides flexibility and increased risk management capability ensuring efficient use of capacity. Moreover, new capacity trading possibilities on an organized market and the SCTP will enable Finnish market participants to manage and shape their capacity needs in a simple, efficient, and reliable way 24/7 every day.

Participants of the Finnish gas market willing to participate in trading on the Secondary Capacity Trading Platform are welcome to start registration process of becoming a Member. GET Baltic specialists are ready to answer any questions that may arise and assist with preparation of necessary documents.

Detailed information on Secondary Capacity Trading Platform, becoming a Member, trading rules, principles and applicable fees can be found here:


More information:

Ieva Ciganė
Head of Trading and Product Development
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