GET Baltic Chief Executive Officer resigned: The most important goals are achieved, we can move further


UAB GET Baltic announced that from 1st November of this year Haroldas Nausėda resignes from the position of UAB GET Baltic Chief Executive Officer. Company would like to thank former CEO, who worked persistently, ambitiously and professionally and wish success in further challenges. Giedrė Kurmė (Ivanauskaitė), who has worked in the company from the beginning of the activity, will take up the position as acting Chief Executive Officer.

“Today I leave the company being calm, feeling that the main goals, which were foreseen by shareholders and the Board have been achieved. A few years ago the gas exchange sounded exotic. Even professional market experts have doubted whether the gas exchange can operate than there is only one external supplier. All together with market participants, we have succeeded to dispel these doubts. The result of company is the best indicator illustrating the need of gas exchange. I believe that when the LNG terminal will be officially opened the relevance of the exchange and the benefits for the market will increase in.

I think, that the activity of the company is successfully developing, so I can calmly transfer the wheel of the company. The main goals have been achieved, so we can move on. GET Baltic has always been and, I convince that in the future will remain, reliable, open, transparent and professional partner for all market participants. Leaving the company I do not leave gas sector, I will continue my works in newly created company UAB Lietuvos Dujų Tiekimas” – by saying goodbye, spook Haroldas Nausėda the CEO of GET Baltic.

The Chairman of the Board of UAB GET Baltic Vytautas Ruolia thanked Haroldas Nausėda for the professional work: “Haroldas worked with gas exchange project from the idea initiation stage, persistently made efforts to initiate the development of the natural gas market and the exchange. We are satisfied of the achieved results of the company are. UAB GET Baltic is well-known by the Lithuanian and region gas companies, the number of participants and the traded volumes are growing, company has good and professional relationships with market participants, state institutions, there are clearly formulated business development directions and goals. On behalf of the Board and shareholders, I am thankful to Haroldas Nausėda and wish him good luck in the future activities.”

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