From 1st August GET Baltic launches new Monitoring service of data reporting to the ACER of natural gas standard contracts


As an organization operating on the basis of technological and innovative solutions, we see the development of solutions tailored to the changing market needs as our target, and we seek to ensure that customer-oriented natural gas trade technologies would be user-friendly, efficient and assuring transparency and reliable trading possibilities across the region.

Thus, from 1st of August we are launching new REMIT data reporting service Monitoring of data reporting to the ACER of natural gas standard contracts, traded at UAB GET Baltic natural gas exchange (Service I.II)

By ordering the Service I.II, the Exchange Participants will be able not only to follow the information provided by GET Baltic to ACER about the transactions concluded by the Exchange Participant on the natural gas exchange (i.e., standard contracts), but also orders to buy / sell natural gas placed in the natural gas exchange.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Karolis Bagdonas
Senior Key Account Manager
Phone: +370 620 86995

Phone: +370 5 236 0000

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