UAB GET Baltic is glad to report that over 102 million m3 of natural gas have already been traded on the Gas Exchange for 2014. In fourth quarter of 2014, trading on the GET Baltic Gas Exchange was particularly active – over 46.40 million m3 of natural gas with a value of about LTL 40.73 million has already been traded for this quarter. The lowest price of fulfilled deal effected on the Gas Exchange in fourth quarter of 2014 is 750 LTL/thou. m3. In fourth quarter of 2014 is boasting a high trading activity on the Gas Exchange – 966 deals have already been realized. 23 participants, which are 57.5 percent of the total number of participants of the Natural Gas Exchange, were active on the Natural Gas Exchange. On the Gas Exchange have registered gas consuming companies such as heat and electricity producing, industrial companies, companies who supplies gas to small end-users and other companies, the total consumed (shipped) volume of these companies per year is more than 90 percent of annually consumed (shipped) volume in Lithuania.

In October, the trading turnover on the Gas Exchange was approx. 10.26 million m3. Sharp increase in trading activity was noticed on 17 October when prices on the Gas Exchange reached the level below 900 LTL/thou. m3. In October, the average natural gas price on the Gas Exchange was 827.78 LTL/thou. m3, which is LTL 251.22 (23.28%) less than the average import price of the month of October, which amounted to 1,079 LTL/thou. m3 (according to the National Commission for Energy Control and Prices data). The lowest price of fulfilled deal effected in October was 750 LTL/thou. m3.

Compared to trading in October, the trading turnover of November increased twice as much and amounted to 20.41 million m3 of natural gas with a value of more than 17.61 million LTL. The participants of the Gas Exchange also actively traded in natural gas of the nearest future delivery days, for delivery days in December the turnover of the gas amounted to over 2.03 million m3. In November, the average price for natural gas on the Gas Exchange was 861.66 LTL/thou. m3. In November, the lowest price of fulfilled deal was 795 LTL/thou. m3 and highest price of fulfilled deal – 1,015 LTL/thou. m3. From 17 November, increase in natural gas prices was noticed, average daily natural gas prices went up over 900 LTL/thou. m3.

Trading on the Gas Exchange continues to be active in December as well. Over 15.82 million m3 have already been traded for the month of December. For the time being, the average price of the month of December on the Gas Exchange is about 915.22 LTL/thou. m3. Trading information is regularly published on the UAB GET Baltic website:, in the column Trading Information.

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