The regional gas exchange UAB GET Baltic is focused on strengthening the Baltic and Finnish gas markets and promoting the integration of these with the European gas trading markets. Thus, GET Baltic is happy to announce that the European Energy Exchange’s (EEX) Transparency Platform will be available in the Baltic-Finnish region from 4th December 2023. Consequently, GET Baltic’s UMM Platform will cease from December 27th 2023.

Therefore, GET Baltic now invites all market participants with obligation to disclose inside information under the REMIT Regulation, to register on the EEX Transparency Platform. This is the largest ACER-approved Inside Information Platform (IIP) in Europe, with 14 years of successful operations in providing inside information reporting services. The platform is currently used by 170 companies from 16 European countries.

The EEX Transparency Platform enables users to effectively disclose inside information on a technologically advanced platform, either manually by using a browser-based tool, or automatically, by using xml and API solutions. The platform’s data validation checks ensure the accuracy of the published information, with enhanced security through encrypted messaging and transmission channels. The platform also acknowledges submitted and sent messages, to ensure timely information disclosure to markets. In addition, please note that the Transparency Platform has already implemented the anticipated technical requirements for IIP platforms as required under ACER’s REMIT 2.0. For more information:

Upon signing a contract with EEX this year, Baltic and Finnish customers will be eligible for a special welcome package price offer, including no charges until the end of 2023.

The EEX Transparency Services team is happy to provide a support in this change. Please do not hesitate to contact the team directly for your setup.

Contact the EEX Transparency Team directly:

direct booking (MS Teams Meeting)
phone: +49 341 2156 233

Phone: +370 5 236 0000

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