New milestone achieved – the transaction volume of 2020 surpassed 4 TWh

In July 2020 after concluding 1,142 transactions, traded volume amounted to 246 GWh. The total traded volume of 2020 amounted to all-time high exceeding 4 TWh of natural gas. The biggest contribution to the July traded volumes was in common Latvian-Estonian market area. The record high amount of natural gas was purchased there – 124 GWh, 3 times more comparing month on month (June 2020 – 39 GWh). In July, the prices of natural gas maintained downward trend. Transactions with the lowest historical prices were concluded in both daily and monthly markets, respectively for 4 EUR/MWh and 7.40 EUR/MWh. In total  44 participants actively submitted orders during July and 42 of them successfully concluded transactions.

Baltic-Finnish Gas Spot Index (BGSI) which captures daily market gas prices changes, value in July 2020 was 6.61 EUR/MWh (June 2020 – 7.91 EUR/MWh). Participants concluded transactions in Lithuanian market area paid the weighted average price of 6.70 EUR/MWh (↓14%), in Latvian-Estonian common market area – 6.09 EUR/MWh (↓22%), in Finnish market area – 8.03 EUR/MWh (↓2%). Baltic-Finnish Gas Monthly Index (BGMI), which captures monthly market gas prices changes, value in June 2020 was 7.40 EUR/MWh. The lowest BGSI as well as BGMI in the history of GET Baltic were reached in July 2020.

More detailed information is on the Baltic-Finnish Gas Exchange Trading Report – July 2020.

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