The downward price trend on the gas exchange continues – a new record is captured

In April 2020 Baltic-Finnish Gas Exchange GET Baltic traded volume amounted to 461 GWh: 387 GWh were traded on a daily market and 73 GWh – on a market of monthly transactions. 47% of all traded volume was purchased in Finland (218 GWh; 785 transactions), 47% in Lithuania (215 GWh; 752 transactions) and 6% in common Latvian-Estonian market area (28 GWh; 87 transactions).

With the fall of natural gas prices for the four consecutive months, the average price on a daily market settled at 10.26 EUR/MWh – the lowest average price this year. As individual transactions prices fluctuated between 7.14 EUR/MWh and 16.65 EUR/MWh, the lowest transaction price in the history of GET Baltic is recorded for the third month in a row: the transaction was concluded in the common Latvian-Estonian market area for 7.14 EUR/MWh. In total 43 participants actively submitted orders during April and 41 of them successfully concluded transactions.

Baltic-Finnish Gas Spot Index (BGSI) which captures daily market gas prices changes, value in April 2020 was 10.26 EUR/MWh (March 2020 – 11.35 EUR/MWh). Participants concluded transactions in Lithuanian market area paid the weighted average price of 9.77EUR/MWh (↓0.4%), in Latvian-Estonian common market area – 9.73 EUR/MWh (↓9%), in Finnish market area – 11.20 EUR/MWh (↓16%). Baltic-Finnish Gas Monthly Index (BGMI), which captures monthly market gas prices changes, value in April 2020 was 12.40 EUR/MWh.

More detailed information is on the Baltic Gas Exchange Trading Report for the April 2020.

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