The declining tendency of gas prices on the GET Baltic exchange continues


In April, the natural gas exchange GET Baltic continued to see a steady decline in prices. The average exchange price (BGSI) in April (47.89 EUR/MWh) was 3% lower compared to March (49.24 EUR/MWh). Individual transaction prices in April ranged from 33.99 EUR/MWh to 61.26 EUR/MWh, while in March they ranged from 40.20 EUR/MWh to 69.00 EUR/MWh. The BGSI was 47.37 EUR/MWh (↓2%) on the Lithuanian market area, 48.99 EUR/MWh (↑0.3%) on the Latvian-Estonian common market area and 49.07 EUR/MWh (↓3%) on Finnish market area.

Despite the end of the heating season which resulted in decreased natural gas demand, 456 GWh of gas was traded on GET Baltic in April, or 45% more than in the same period last year (315 GWh). Lithuania accounted for 55% of the total traded volume in April, 22% – in Latvian-Estonian common market area and 23% – Finland for 23%.

Two thousand transactions were recorded on the GET Baltic exchange in April, with 456 GWh of natural gas traded. All transactions executed for delivery in April were fulfilled in short term products. A total of 60 participants actively submitted orders, 59 of them successfully concluded.

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