The beginning of the autumn records the increased activity of gas exchange participants

During September 2021, 1,625 transactions were concluded on the gas exchange, which is 27% more compared month on month (August 2021 – 1,278). Respectively, 95% more of natural gas was traded – the trading turnover of the exchange in September amounted to 690.3 GWh (August 2021 – 354.8 GWh). With the growing gas demand on the exchange, participants were more active in placing orders on both: buy and sell sides. The volume of submitted orders to buy gas amounted to 1.5 TWh – 65% more compared to August, and to sell – 2 TWh, 24% more than previous month. A total of 39% of all placed orders were fulfilled during September (August 2021 – 28%). Orders were actively submitted by 45 exchange participants, all of them successfully concluded transactions.

Observing the growth of natural gas prices throughout the whole Europe, Baltic-Finnish Gas Spot Index BGSI, which reflects the prices of concluded transactions in the daily market, continues to rise. Compared to August, the price increased by 28%: from 37.22 EUR/MWh to 47.80 EUR/MWh. Compared to the same period last year, the value of the index increased as much as 4 times (September 2020 – 11.46 EUR/MWh). Participants concluded transactions in Lithuanian market area paid the weighted average price of 47.44 EUR/MWh (↑ 29%), in Latvian-Estonian common market area – 49.03 EUR/MWh (↑ 30%), and in Finland – 48.46 EUR / MWh (↑ 29%).

More detailed information is on the Baltic-Finnish Gas Exchange Trading Report – September 2021.

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