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GET Baltic as a technology-driven organization is always striving to meet the evolving market needs and to deliver simple, efficient, and reliable gas trading solutions. In our day-to-day work, we aim to meet the needs of our growing community alongside ensuring the highest standards of transparency. With this in mind, we are expanding the functionalities of the API-based Data Exchange Service.

GET Baltic offers Data Exchange Services via API solution which provides instant access to real-time and historical market data. Following best practices and responding to customers’ needs, as of 1st of March, customers of the Electronic Trading System (ETS) API service will be able to access a new data set about every transaction concluded on the exchange including quantity, price, and other relevant transaction information. The information will be available on the basis of anonymous trading, and with the highest standards of transparency. The new data set will contain real-time data that will enable participants to better understand the market depth, current market situation and will help to make even more reasoned trading decisions. Together with a help of historical data it will be possible to perform a deeper analysis of the Baltic-Finnish market, create trading models and trading algorithms.

GET Baltic invites to use Data Exchange Services via API for trading on ETS and collecting exchange trading data, for receiving data from the Secondary Capacity Trading Platform (SCTP), and for sending and receiving Inside Information messages on the dedicated platform (UMM). The Data Exchange Service enables efficiently integrate our existing services into customers’ IT systems and enhances user experience in delivering speedy, convenient, and accurate data exchange. Please find detailed information related to all API-based Data Exchange Service solutions here: Data Exchange Services or contact us directly if any questions arise.


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