LNG Auction Conduction Service

Service for conduction of an auction

In order to ensure that the surplus of the required regasified gas volume of the LNG terminal would be sold efficiently through equal and non-discriminatory conditions for all market participants it was decided to organize auction for LNG surplus volume.

These auctions are organised by UAB GET Baltic after receiving an appeal from designated supplier (UAB LITGAS) in accordance to the Regulation for Conduction of an Auction for Realization of the Surplus of the Required Volume of the LNG Terminal and the applicable fee schedule to designated supplier for conducting an auction approved by National Commission for Energy Control and Prices (NCC) on 11 August 2016.

All eligible entities who want to buy whole or part of the LNG terminal surplus volume will be able to participate in the auction.

Electronic auction portal

UAB GET Baltic electronic auction portal (EAP) – is a system that consists of hardware, software and communication equipment designed for the entities to quickly and securely submit and sign with electronic signature auction documentation and bids.  Registered EAP users can also track all information related to the auctions that was already conducted, is being conducted and will be conducted and be informed about them in informational messages.

You can access the EAP by going to the https://eap.getbaltic.lt/, or through the GET Baltic website clicking on the link "Electronic auction portal (EAP)".

Fee schedule for conducting an auction

Pricing applied to designated supplier by UAB GET Baltic for services of conduction an auction for realization of the surplus of the required volume of the LNG terminal:

Tariff for reimbursement for auction conduction expenses 24.79 EUR/hour
Tariff for realization of regasified LNG surplus volume 0.01 EUR/MWh

 All documentation related to this service can be found in the Exchange Documents section.